R&M is extending its range for high-speed data networks on ships and offshore platforms. R&M is now including FO systems and the products from the Cat. 6A RJ45 line in its maritime range. The line enables data transmission up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Because just like networks in office blocks and administrative buildings, in data centres and factories, in-ship data networks have to be able to handle an ever-increasing amount of data traffic. Today, numerous applications, such as telecommunication, infotainment and TV, Internet, wireless LAN, video surveillance, warning systems, sensors and ship automation, are included.
The R&M copper cabling for ships is not only used for data transport but also for supplying power to end devices. The products are designed for an electrical output of 90/100 Watt. In shipbuilding, the Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is gaining significance to supply antennas, cameras, displays and security systems without additional electrical cabling. This reduces weight, the space required and installation time.
“Particularly when using PoE, the contacting of the wires has to be particularly sturdy and stable. And our IDC technology (IDC = Insulation Displacement Connector) is perfect for that. Inadequate connections could result in dangerous sparks or arcs,” explains Hermann Christen, Market Development Manager at R&M. “IDC has been shown to be the most robust and reliable way of contacting for copper cabling on board,” he added.