Fibre optic specialist Leader Optec is on the lookout for new distribution partners for its premium Lite Linke products. The company already has partnerships in place covering the Netherlands, France and the Middle East with Datop, 0.3dB Fibre Optique and TierX respectively.
Now the North Wales-headquartered business wants to increase its international footprint to cover other parts of the world. Among the key territories being targeted by Leader Optec are Germany, Scandinavia and Southern Europe.
The Lite Linke suite of products utilises best-in-class components, bespoke design and UK manufacturing to meet the challenges facing networks. All of the MTP connectivity, containment and cabling solutions are manufactured from Leader Optec’s headquarters in St Asaph. Products include cassettes and chassis as well as assemblies and accessories.
Paul Desmond, Managing Director of Leader Optec, said: “We have successfully launched Lite Linke during the second half of 2017 and the feedback we have received from the market has been extremely positive. We have put in place a number of distribution agreements but in 2018 we want to increase the global reach of the Lite Linke product set.” He added. “The Lite Linke MTP solutions are helping data centres meet the network challenges they face today and tomorrow. Data centres that are adopting our technologies are successfully condensing and future-proofing their networks.”