The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has released its updated 5G strategy in the UK including stating its ambitions and sharing news on new partnerships. In response, Brian Lavallée, Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing with global responsibility for Ciena’sPacket and Submarine networking solutions, comments the following:
“At Ciena, we’re pleased to see the DCMS’ updates to its 5G strategy move beyond the hype and really recognise the value that 5G will bring to both consumers and businesses. In calling on industry and technical experts to discuss the scale and scope of deployment pilots, as well as timeframes and funding, DCMS is putting structure behind its very ambitious plans.
Ciena believes that operators must take action now – specifically by deploying more fibre to small and macro cells, that are compatible with both 4G networks of today, and 5G networks of tomorrow. The fact is – fibre and its geographic footprint will ultimately dictate the performance and commercial success of 5G services and applications. Getting the network prepared for the massive bandwidth increases that are sure to come as 5G comes online will be the key to its commercial success.”