R&M is achieving sustainable success on the international data centre
market with solutions for automated infrastructure management. “Due
to the boom in cloud applications and the dynamic demand for further
services, data centres are having to be more and more flexible in their

At the same time we are observing the rapid new creation and
extension of large systems as well as the need for incredible density and
an increase in performance of IT infrastructures on company premises all
over the world. Data centre operators are increasingly opting for
state-of-the-art fibre optic systems to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks,” says
R&M CEO Michel Riva in a recent industry report.
One consequence of the most recent developments is that data centres
have to manage their infrastructures in a more differentiated way. Dr.
Thomas Wellinger, Market Manager Data Centre, R&M: “Hyperscale data
centres accommodate hundreds of thousands of fibre optic connections in
highly sensitive operating environments. With Ultra High Density
platforms, such as Netscale from R&M, they can increase the number of
fibre optic connections per rack in comparison with solutions used to
date by up to two thirds. These quantities can no longer be managed in a
traditional way. They have to be monitored fully automatically in real
time to be able to guarantee availability and operational reliability.
Total operational reliability is more important than ever before for
data centres in view of the dynamic demand for digital services.” This
is reflected in the current discussion on an extended availability
category “Tier 5”.
Cabling specialist R&M offers the infrastructure management system
R&MinteliPhy as a solution. Michel Riva: “Double-digit growth rates show
that we are perfectly meeting the needs of particularly
security-conscious data centres with this solution.” Basically,
R&MinteliPhy consists of three components: RFID sensor strips for
monitoring all connections in the rack, the appliance for concentrating
and transmitting signals as well as the server with all the necessary
administration, monitoring and planning functions. R&MinteliPhy can also
be used for infrastructure analyses, asset management, the 3D
visualisation of networks and the development of risk scenarios. If
operations ever have to be carried out directly on the cabling,
R&MinteliPhy guides the technician through the patching job.
“R&MinteliPhy is quite rightly seen as the pioneering and smart AIM
system which supports the ambitions and obligations of data centres in
terms of one-hundred-percent operational reliability,” concludes Michel
An innovation in the R&MinteliPhy range is the RFID sensor strip for the
Netscale platform. The RFID sensors feature a self-test function. Their
electronics can issue a warning when problems are likely to occur. With
the modular Ultra High Density platform Netscale, R&M is also setting a
new standard for the density of fiber optic ports in data centers. With
up to 120 ports per height unit in the 19’’ rack, this distribution
system achieves the highest density of all familiar products. Netscale
promotes the use of efficient architectural concepts and facilitates the
operation of decentral edge data centres. Market trends and current
demands confirm that fibre optic technology continues to permeate the
data centre market.
The investment boom in the data centre market is continuing worldwide.
R&M is also expecting double-digit growth in this market segment in
2017. This increase has recently been fuelled by the entry into the US
market. At the same time, the dynamic Asian market is maturing. And the
data centre boom is now also reaching countries in Eastern Europe. Just
recently, R&M equipped the new Data Centre 2 of the Polish cloud
computing provider Beyond.pl in Poznań, with a usable area of 12 000
square metres.